November 21, 2012

Medium format: Noelia.

It never stop to amaze me how beautiful medium format is. With this photograph and the previously posted one, I've been able to compare between making the same photo with no less than a 5D mark II (a camera I love, for it's been used by half my favorite artists) or shooting it with an obscenely exquisite Hasselblad (you can see here my first experience with it). 

And Hasselblad won the race with so little effort. It was embarrasing (for the 5D at least).

This photo was made as a part of an school project, inspired on one by Albert Watson (I can't find the original neither in his web nor in Google Images). I wouldn't usually post (or just make, for that matter) something that I don't feel entirely mine, but I like the result and couldn't help sharing it :)

And going back now to editing a fashion shot that is driving me crazy. All in all, I'm trying things in Photoshop I've never done. And that's something, because a big part of my life have disappeared around that program!

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