October 20, 2013

Phonography and my non-secret Instagram life.

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Hace tiempo que tengo pendiente dedicarle un post a mi cuenta de Instagram, que poco a poco se ha convertido en un diario fotográfico alternativo al original. Aunque me resistí a su embrujo durante un tiempo al final he caído con todo el equipo: todos los días entro varias veces a visitar el escaparate del día a día de mis amigos y fotógrafos favoritos, y actualizo cada poco tiempo con esos momentos especiales en los que te encuentras sin otra cámara a mano con la que inmortalizarlos. 

Aquí os dejo algunas de mis favoritas. Daos un garbeo por allí para ver el resto y añadidme si también tenéis un escaparate cerca! ;)

My relationship with Instagram was kind of problematic at the beginning: I created an account, stared at it, decided I very much prefer to keep uploading my mobile photographs to my tumblr (though they're not there anymore), deleted it and forgot about the whole thing for some time. Then that some time passed and I create another one, use it with more and more interest but deleted it again when Facebook started trying to rob us as usual.

But, strange thing, I missed it. Because you can't really understand how fun is to scroll up and down your contact's photographs if you never did it. And well, I kind of need to take photographs all the time.

As it turned out, you cannot create an account with a nickname that has already existed, even if it's not active anymore. So I decided that time I would create... the final super secret account! I would upload secret things, get to insta-know secret people and become secretly famous! And hey, I tried: I maintain the secrecy of my secretly secret account for about two days before starting to follow my friends. Because this is my ability to live without stalking you people. Never say I don't love you.

So there I am again, these days with a cooler nickname than ever. I don't have a fancy smartphone (I accept iPhones as a Christmas present by the way) but the important thing is what to do do with the time that is given to us to get to know the camera you've got your hands on, its weakness and its strengths, and you'll be able to do some good job with almost anything. Because tech quality is a real thing (I wouldn't have sold half my organs to buy a 5D if it wasn't true, and this may or may not be an exaggeration) but it is a lot truer than the photograph is made by the photographer, not the camera.

(Except if we're talking about my Barbie Polaroid. That beauty knows how to rock all by itself.)

So then! These are my favorite photos from my Instagram account. Feel free to add me there and become my secret insta-friend! I can't make cookies but know exactly where to buy the best ones!

(Fav one above <3 :)

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  1. Me encantan tus fotos Nieves!!